Official State Security
Bodyguard Course
(2 - 5 days)
PSB Licenses Level II, III & IV - Personal Protection Officier (PPO)


This course covers and exceeds the required State approved curriculum mandated by the Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau in order to certify an officer as having completed a course of study for level II and III training in accordance with chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupation Code and Chapter35 of the Administrative Code.


The state of Texas considers it a criminal offense to perform security-related work without a license. If you or your employer avoid using the terminology “security” but carry out the duties as one (such as event staff, bouncer, courtesy officer, etc); this also includes bodyguard, executive protection, and church security. See section at the bottom of the page. DPS will require proof of a Level 3 Commission training course in order to process your Level 4 Bodyguard license. If you need the Level 3 Commission course also, please sign up for both.

Location : Woodville TX (free shuttle from IAH Airport)

TEXAS Personal Protection Officier (PPO)

Our difference from other providers : ​


We do not offer trainings within “business hours”, we strongly believe that in order to get right skills for this profession you need to be placed in almost an identical environment to which you will be operating in.  you need to live it, feel it and fully understand it. Our approach is different from other security schools, we teach the subject through the full immersion. We require you to stay at the facility with other students for the duration of the course with close combat, martial arts shooting range located all at the same place. We believe that Security Professional is a life style that can’t be taught just in classroom! Visit our facility and live your new career dream !

Terry A.

DPS/PSB instructor


          Personal Protection Officier LEVELS II, III, IV (5 days) :

The Level III Training Course is required for all commissioned security officers and personal protection officers.


This is a 45-hour class with a written test at the end allowing you to become certified to carry a gun.  The class combines classroom time, physical instruction on handcuffing, holds and restraints, and weapon retention. 


The students will spend half of one day at the shooting range and pass a shooting test to qualify to carry a gun. Make sure to get qualified with the style of weapon you plan on carrying. 


Once the student completes this course and passes both the firing range and written exam with passing scores you will receive a certificate of completion.


At that time he/she can take the certificate to any security company he/she will work for and apply for a job.

Hours required :

  • Day 1 : 12hrs

Level II & III training

Security overview 

Use of Force Continuum 

Non Commission ( Unarmed ) Exam


  • Day 2 : 12hrs

Level III training

Texas Laws governing the security industry


  • Day 3 : 12hrs

Level III & IV Training

Intermediate Weapons Training

Self defense training


  • Day 4 : 12hrs

Level III & IV Training

Firearms Training

Commissioned ( Armed ) Exams


  • Day 5 : 12.5 hrs

Level IV Training

Personal Protection Officer (Bodyguard) Exam


Students :


Texas Private Security Levels 2-3-4 Applicants

Pre-Requisites :


  • None (Although successful candidates must complete Level II Training prior to Commission)

Materials :


  • Classroom Units: Note-taking, classroom attire

  • Firearms Unit : Duty belt, pistol, range gear, hearing and eye protection

  • Defense Tactics/Baton Unit : mouth guard, groin protector, athletic wear, grappling gloves

Keep in mind! You cannot carry the gun until the security company sends in the certificate with the application for the armed security pocket card. Once that card comes in then you can carry the gun. The license is good for 2 years from the date it is issued from the state.

Upon successful completion of the course each candidate will receive :

  • DPS PSB Security License Level III

  • Tactical Shooting Certificate


  • $ 1200 (price include training, accommodation at our facility, we provide guns and ammunition)

Upcoming sessions : 

  • 12/07 - 12/11/2020

  • 01/04 - 01/08/2021


          Personal Protection Officier LEVEL IV (2 days) :


Level IV is the training required to receive a Personal Protection Officer Authorization in the State of Texas. 


Hours required :


  • Minimum 15 hours (8 hours Lecture, 7 hours practical, although additional hours are recommended) - 2 days.


Students :


  • Texas Private Security Level IV Applicants

Pre-Requisites :


  • None (Although successful candidates must complete Level II and Level III Training prior to Commission)

Materials :


  • Classroom Units: Note-taking, classroom attire 

  • Defense Tactics: mouth guard, groin protector, athletic wear, grappling gloves, eye protection

Learning Objectives :


  • The student will have an understanding of the legal authorities pertaining to Personal Protection Officer Commission and responsibilities and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in techniques and tactics necessary to carry out duties as a Commissioned Security 

  • The Level IV Training Course is required for all personal protection officers.


In this 15h course students will learn :


  • Close Protection Basics

  • The Use of Force Continuum

  • Unarmed Defensive Tactics

  • OC Spray Theory

Once completing the Level IV training, students will need to apply for their Personal Protection Officer Authorization through a licensed security company.  This course is just a basic and very superficial approach to what a real bodyguard is supposed to master. We offer many other close protection courses for those willing to get real skills and not just the certificate, but, unfortunately, if you plan to exercise in Texas, you will have to go through this course in order to get your license in the pocket.


Upon successful completion of the course each candidate will receive :

  • DPS PSB Security License Level IV

  • Tactical Shooting Certificate 


  • "OPTION 1" : $ 490 (accommodation)

  • "OPTION 2": $ 580 (accommodation + training equipment included)

Upcoming sessions : 

  • 01/07 - 01/08/2021

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