Whether you need expert advice about a home or business alarm installation, video monitoring, a professional guard for your industrial complex, a security driver, a bodyguard, or security training, PRAETORIAN BODYGUARD creates custom security solutions and delivers the ultimate in protection and peace of mind. Serving as a security partner, we work with individuals and companies alike. All solutions are carefully crafted to the unique needs of each client for the best possible outcome. We are focused on serving the needs of our clients around the globe and creating an outstanding security experience.

Enrollment & Career :

We’re proud of our track record. Thus far, we have supervised and trained over 3200 security agents, consultants, and instructors. We have managed security and training functions for companies of all sizes around the world. We have protected and supported individuals, companies, and institutions with a comprehensive range of safety and security solutions. We have protected people, facilities, goods, activities, information, and much more. We have also provided competitive intelligence, technical assistance, risk management, security assessments, and more. The highlight of our work is our ability to help our clients understand their needs, vulnerabilities, and the threats and risks they incounter including political, terrorism, and security concerns. With this deep understanding, we then develop the best possible solution against economic crimes, fraud, counterfeiting, security breaches, and other sensitive areas. Do you need help with security training, risks watch, security advice, guidance, operational maintenance, deployment and maintenance of operational systems, or logistic and crisis management.


As a U.S. security consulting firm backed by an international leader in security services, we have the expertise and resources to provide innovative solutions and comprehensive security services around the world including :

— Security Consulting 

— System Maintenance 

— Security Audits 

— Risk Analysis 

— Security Assistance 

— Escort 

— Bodyguards 

— Guard Services 

— Security Training 

— Electronic security systems 

— Surveillance


As we are constantly working on implementation of new courses and programs in order to be able to bring a qualified offer to our clients and customers, we are always open to new suggestions, people and experiences.
If you are a qualified security professional, please, send us your resume and we will see what we can do together. 


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